Rocket Round Leicester Augmented Reality Experience

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Arch Creative have collaborated with artist Tim Fowler and Graffio Arts on LOROS Hospice’s flagship fundraising event, Rocket Round Leicester.

Leicester based design agency have worked closely with local artist Tim Fowler and Loughborough based creative agency Graffio Arts on LOROS Hospice’s flagship fundraising event, Rocket Round Leicester.

The exciting project takes place between 19th July – 26th September, with a trail of 40 giant Rocket sculptures forming Leicester’s biggest ever public art event. Each sculpture has been designed and decorated by an artist and sponsored by a local business, forming a ten week trail across the city’s streets and open spaces.

Tim Fowler’s vibrant rocket, named ‘Scorpius’, is positioned outside Curve Theatre on Orton Square, a stone’s throw from Arch Creative’s studio on Rutland Street. Scorpius is inspired by the incredible work that the University of Leicester and the National Space Centre are doing with their space research programme.

The rocket will now also form part of Arch Creative and Graffio Art’s ‘Street Stories’ initiative which was developed with BID Leicester to transform empty shop units into living works of art. Street Stories celebrates Leicester’s innovative achievements and brings artworks to life with augmented reality animations triggered by a free smartphone app.

Tim Fowler’s Scorpius artwork is a neon abstract piece inspired by dynamic rocket trails, and Arch Creative have developed this vision to create a series of space themed multi-sensory animations.

“Rocket Round Leicester is an inclusive community project collaborating with other artists for such a great cause. I’ve previously worked with Arch Creative and Graffio Arts on the Street Stories project, and it’s been a great experience to once again see my artworks animated, and help to promote Leicester’s amazing space heritage in such a fun and exciting way.”

Tim Fowler

The augmented reality (AR) experience allows users to interact with real world objects and immerse themselves further within the context of space. A total of four animations show the narrative of Leicester’s space heritage and both educate and entertain the user. From documenting the world’s first satellite (Aerial 1) to blasting off into space – each video first has to first be found on the rocket’s surface.

“Leicester has a distinguished record in space science and research. It’s Skylark rocket programme was founded by Professor Ken Pounds in 1960, and sixty years later The University of Leicester are still working with international space agencies. The animations we’ve created celebrate this important pioneering work, and the theme fits perfectly with the amazing Rocket Round Leicester project. We’re hoping that our work will encourage even more people to join the trail, and raise awareness and funds for LOROS and the incredible work they do.”

Joe Nixon
Creative Director, Arch Creative

The 3D animations can be viewed on the Street Stories app which has been developed by Graffio Arts, and are triggered by holding your smartphone over the Scorpius rocket sculpture.

“This is another fantastic piece of work by Arch Creative – they’re a great company to collaborate with. Street Stories relied heavily on using shop windows for the animated / elements and now with the Rocket Around Leicester project we’re showcasing more of the App capabilities – such as 3D object delivery. We’re looking forward to seeing where similar projects can go in the future!”

Steve Barradell
Managing Director, Graff.io Arts

Download the Stree Stories AR App now and discover Leicester’s Street Stories.

Please be careful and respect other users and pedestrians while using the app.

For more information about the project, and to donate to LORO please visit www.rocketroundleicester.co.uk