Artist Spotlight – Keri Hunt – Wolverhampton

Keri Hunt is a local photographer specialising in photo montage, who has recently graduated from the University of Wolverhampton and finds humour and inspiration in the ordinary details of life.

She has seen Wolverhampton transform again and again in her lifetime. In the 1980s, Heathtown was nicknamed “Firetown” because of the area’s high crime rates and firearms. Living in a concrete jungle can take its toll. After a period of depression in 2017, Keri began venturing out with her camera.

“I took pictures of my surroundings, forcing myself out. I started noticing little things that made me smile amongst the rubble. The contrast between nature and industry, the locked-up building site with vivid graffiti surrounding the perimeter and the abandoned trolley stolen from Asda.”

Three years after taking these pictures, the whole world became isolated, making these images even more poignant.

“My work posits that the area isn’t defined by what it is but instead by what it isn’t. Whether looking at the big picture or zooming in on an odd detail, I capture a unique vision of the West Midlands today.”

Keri’s photography combines Pop Art sensibilities with the gritty appeal of street scenes. Her photomontages juxtapose Wolverhampton’s iconic buildings against a backdrop of graffiti, creating visual narratives that are both edgy and optimistic. With her unique perspective, Keri breathes new life into familiar cityscapes.

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