Artist Spotlight – Graffoflarge – Wolverhampton

Graffoflarge – Steve Edwards

Graffoflarge is the fusion of camouflage into graffiti, Steve’s unique art style

Originally having started out as a pattern master, eventually crossing over into abstract street art, Steve has created a truelly unique style and identity under the Graffoflarge tag.

Having experienced a chance commission by the Dulux ‘Lets Paint’ project of a Tiger led to a change in direction and influence for Steves’s art. Since then he has continued to paint creatures/animals in his own unique style. Incorporating his Surface Pattern roots.

He is also experienced in creating large format pieces and murals with vast experience working with councils and local authorities.

Further working with an ever-expanding network of primary, Secondary, and Special schools, delivering my own unique hands on workshops. Not many artists offer the chance for kids to actually use spray paint on the murals themselves.

Most recently Steve has worked with the Substance Recovery/Refugee and migrant sector and you can find out more on his website below.


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