Artist Spotlight – Colour Palette Company – Wolverhampton

The Wolverhampton Colour Palette

The Colour Palette Company is the brainchild of Birmingham-based designer and writer Stacey Barnfield, whose first colour palette for his home city blew up on social media in January 2021.

Stacey believes great design and typography should be fun, accessible, and celebratory and we couldn’t agree more at the Street Stories team.

The Colour Palette Company characterises a region through a gradient of colour swatches, packed with references to the people and places that make our hometowns unique.

Using design to highlight the special qualities of a town — this was such a meeting of the minds that they were a natural choice for Street Stories.

It was great to interview Stacey and find our more about his thoughts on the project, art installations and our unique AR experiences taking existing artwork to the next level.

View their work at thecolourpalettecompany.com and find their other installations around the country.

If you’re an artist and think your city or town’s high street could use a boost from fantastic artwork like Stacey’s, we would love to hear from you.

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