Artist Spotlight – Amanda Keeton – Wolverhampton

Amanda Keeton is a graphic artist with a 1st Class Hons in Surface Pattern and Floor Covering Design. Having worked as a designer for a major greeting card company for many years, she saw a lot of her card and wrapping paper designs in Asda, Sainsbury’s and Clintons across the country.

Over time, Amanda has continued to develop her artistic style, drawing inspiration from nature and a love of art as a form of escapism from the real world. She was accepted into the Wolverhampton Society Of Artists in 2019 and has since gone on to exhibit ‘Farmyard Gangsters’ at the Wolverhampton Art Gallery in 2022 which won the ‘Felix Award’ that was presented by the mayor. This is awarded to artists whose work brings benefits to health and wellbeing.

“Creating art is something that brings me great joy and if the final artwork makes other people happy, then I feel as an artist you have achieved your ultimate goal!”

Amanda is donating a percentage of print sales to The Brain Tumour Charity and Young Minds, two charities close to home and heart. Her aim is to form a lasting partnership with both so her work can continually support theirs.

The Barbershop Quartet is a humorous artwork featuring llamas and alpacas with their curly hair, taking a group selfie outside a barbers shop!

Amanda’s pieces often look at playful views of animals within human environments, linking them anthropomorphically. This includes ‘Farmyard Gangsters’, an award-winning 2022 piece featuring chickens in jail which can be seen on the window here, and ‘The Barbershop Quartet’ which is a visual representation of the current trend for teenage boy’s permed hair.

Amanda is a keen supporter of charities, so the animation has been developed to reflect the importance of the arts and mental health. Wolverhampton’s Grand Theatre is celebrating its 130th anniversary, and the theatre, choirs and other performance venues have long been beneficial as social communities which are instrumental in mental health therapy and rehabilitation.


View Amanda’s work on Instagram @amanda_keeton_art @candypop_art_design

Email amandakeeton.art@gmail.com for print details

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