Not Just Windows – Rocket Round Leicester

Rocketing Stories into Leicester

Arch Creative have collaborated with artist Tim Fowler and Graffio Arts on LOROS Hospice’s flagship fundraising event, Rocket Round Leicester.

A collaboration event between the team at Arch Creative, Graffio Arts and Tim Fowler for Rocket Round Leicester, LOROS Hospice’s fundraising event that overtook the city with 40 rockets. Each sculpture is designed by an artist and sponsored by a local business to build a city-wide trail.

The rocket sponsored by Arch Creative will form part of the Street Stories initiative. The showcase celebrates Leicester’s innovative achievements and brings artwork to life with augmented reality animations. The Rocket named ‘Scorpius’ is inspired by the space research program run in Leicester in collaboration between the University of Leicester and the National Space Centre. Scorpius is an abstract piece covered in neon colours, inspired by dynamic rocket trails. It also comes with Arch Creatives vision to create a series of space themed multi-sensory animations that are implemented through the Street Stories AR initiative.

Another rocket on the University of Leicester campus was inspired by Sir David Attenborough and Richard Attenborough CBE. You could scan a QR code and listen to Michael Attenborough CBE reveal anecdotes about the young Attenboroughs’ childhood and the family’s long-standing association with the University.

Art trails and similar initiatives are becoming popular in the UK to brighten up cities and encourage footfall through business centres. The theory behind Street Stories is that making the town a better place to spend time boosts pride of place, wellbeing, safety in numbers, curiosity, engagement with the arts and ultimately helps give the high street a much-needed push in the right direction. The main Street Stories projects fill vacant shop units with attractive artwork and sell the space to new businesses, with great success.

Street Stories is an evolving project and open to ideas. If you’re an artist or placemaking specialist and think your city could benefit from an art installation project, we would love to hear from you.

a colourful rocket sculpture for the Rocket Round Leicester art trail